Free Slow Stitching course

begin your hand stitching journey here, using gentle slow methods that will make your contented

  • embroidery stitches in a new way

    traditional turned wonky

    I share my way of breathing into the stitching & embracing your imperfections.

  • make string using scrap fabric

    what a fun, unexpected thrill to make your own string

    This is like the beginning of time, our First Nations Peoples made string using plant fibres. Practical, useful & gives you an insight into different traditions

  • use what you have

    create & make using scraps of treasured fabric

    No need for special equipments or tools, I encourage you to start today using what you have & embracing the notion of caring for your environment with the materials that you select.

Watch Intro Video

Slow Stitching Video

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Make a needle case wrap-up pouch

    • Slow Stitch Video 1 - the meditation

    • Slow Stitch Video 2 - design & colour conversation

    • Slow Stitch - video 3 - How to Stitch

    • Slow Stitch Video 4 - little pocket for scissors

    • Slow Stitch Video 5 - French Knots

    • Slow Stitch Video 6 - How To join your pieces

    • Slow Stitch Video 7 - String part 1

    • Slow Stitch video 8 - String making part 2