Basket Weaving & Crochet

Basket weaving is almost as old as human history, taking fibres from the landscape and creating something useful, practical and beautiful. There are many many variations of materials to use, stitches, designs, techniques and processes.

Sometimes I look at the beautiful baskets I use for taking to the farmers market, or the ones holding my yarns and fabrics, the broken yet still useful basket that my cat sleeps in beside the fire, the basket my parents used for the washing basket. These are intricate and amazing, they delight me in the way that someone’s mind and hand created it. 

Often they look complicated, and out of my reach of achieveable-ness in terms of my skills, but the beautiful truth (I think) about baskets is that anyone can weave their own basket. Starting small of course is a way to begin, but once you have the fever of basket weaving inside you, it feels like ‘coming home’ and you have a hard time stopping. 

So - how do you make your own basket? Easy actually, with this method that I use.

You might even have some supplies at home, without having to go and buy more. To begin I do often suggest you use what you have, to make do with materials, but of course - whatever you use for your basket will determine the structure and the method. 

These ones here are made from raffia, which is a natural fibre from a palm tree. I dye it with natural plant dyes. It creates a structure, but is also soft and pliable, unlike say hard willow bark, for instance. What this means is that the basket you make will most likely be less rigid that a basket you’d use for your washing. More like a lovely basket as a fruit bowl, a lamp shade, a trinket platter, or a display on the wall. 


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tools, Materials & Resources

    • Tools, materials & resources

  • 2

    Dyeing raffia with kitchen scraps / Natural dyes

    • Raffia natural dye how to Ellie Beck Petalplum

  • 3

    Weave a raffia basket

    • Basket Making#1

    • Basket Making#2

    • Basket Making 3

    • Basket Making 4

    • How to make a handle

    • How to finish your basket

  • 4

    Different basket weaving stitches

    • Basket Making Figure 8 Stitch

    • Basket Weaving Random (but very pretty) Stitch

  • 5

    Crochet a core-filled basket

    • Crochet Basket tutorial Video 1

    • Crochet Raffia Basket Video 2 Ellie Beck

    • Crochet Raffia Basket Video 3 Ellie Beck