Printing on fabric : instinctual mark-making, screen printing & stencil printing

Your hand drawn designs printed on fabric

Stencil & screen printing has an undeniable satisfaction; taking your own hand drawn designs and transferring them to fabric or paper with paint. Make one or multiple for gifting - you'll be on your way to a production of hand printed items.

Nature's paint brushes

Discover the unexpected delight of creating your own paint brushes using plants and gathered treasures, or even unusual objects from your studio or surrounds.

From stencil printing to screen printing your own designs

I'll share with you how to create a design for screen or stencil printing, how to cut the design and then how to print, in single or multiple colours. *note - I don't talk about how to burn your own screens for this course; this is for hand cut stencils and screens.

print your own designs directly onto fabric using many different techniques

This series of Printing on Fabric covers the basics of stencil printing and screen printing, including how to design and hand-cut a stencil to use for screen printing. We'll also look at different ways to make marks using an instinctual process, using found and gathered objects for stamping and 'painting'.

These sessions are designed for beginners to gain an understanding of the differences between stencil printing and screen printing - why each has their own uses. 

And then to overcome any "stuck" feelings by using hand made stamps (made from found and gathered materials) and fun painting processes.

Each step-by-step video guides you as if you were sitting beside me in my studio. I share my knowledge in a free way, giving you the most information I can, while chatting in a conversational way. There's lots of talk about making mistakes and overcoming fears of perfection (that's an over-aching theme of mine!).

You'll learn:

  • How to design and then cut a stencil
  • How to stencil print / paint
  • How to screen print using your hand cut stencil
  • How to screen print using found 'things', such as leaves or fabric to create unusual patterns
  • How to use found items to make your own stamps and painted fabric
  • How to repeat print for meterage
  • How to make your own paint brushes using items from nature

You can print your own tea towels, tote bags, clothing, fabric panels and learn about repeat printing for meterage

My aim with all my classes is to use what you have, but for screen printing you do need a few supplies.  

Materials you will need:

  •  a silk-screen for printing (you can buy these second hand, from an art supply shop or make your own) 
  • a squeedgie for screen printing (generally comes with your screen)
  • fabric paint (this is vital if you'll be washing your fabric)
  • a sharp blade such as a scalpel, a cutting mat, masking or painters tape and a flat surface to print on (like a table or your floor), as well as spare fabric for dropcloth

Printing on fabric

Print & patterns from your mind to fabric

This deliciously satisfying skill is quite additive

  • From very beginner

    No experienced needed as this course takes you from very beginner, using the tools around you to create simple stunning print and patterns, both geometric and organic

  • Lifetime access

    Lifetime access to all my courses - watch as many times as you want, at any time of the day or night, from your very own device or desktop computer

  • Just ask

    Contact me any time to ask more questions, or show off your work. If there's something you've seen me share on my website or socials, I'm happy to film it and show you. Just ask

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Materials and tools

    • Materials and tools needed

  • 02

    Stencil printing

    • Cutting your Stencil

    • Stencilling Technique

    • Stencil Printing - more printing

    • Stencil Printing - Printing with a second colour

    • Stencil Printing with the negative shapes

    • Stencil Printing - how to make your design

  • 03

    Screen printing

    • set up for ease of printing - workflow

    • Screen Printing with leaves

    • Screen Printing Mixing Colours on a Screen

  • 04

    Hand printing with found objects

    • Printing - Found objects - graphic shapes

    • Printing with found objects - organic shapes

    • Printing with house-hold objects - new video coming soon

  • 05

    Making your own paint brushes

    • Make paint brushes from nature - video coming soon

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