The art & magic of natural & botanical dyeing

The delicious alchemy of plant colour

Natural & botanical dye is one of those ancient crafts / skills / techniques that feels at once scientific and magic. Turning leaves, flowers, bark, compost & kitchen scraps into colour is one of the most fascinating and exciting things I do. I know you'll become addicted too!

Learn multiple techniques for creating colour

There are lots of ways to extract colour from plants and nature, and I'll be sharing all that I know - from solar dyeing, hot dyeing, eco-printing or bundle-dyeing to flower pounding and

Take this ancient practice & make it your own

I'll show you how to dye onto different materials such as wool, linen, cotton, paper, raffia. And most importantly I'll be sharing my own process of natural dyeing - which sometimes bends the rules but means I get more "artful" outcomes

the science, magic & art of dyeing from nature

In this course I share a combination of videos, text and images to build up a resource library that you can take into the landscape and confidently create colour onto your materials, for your own projects. 

My way of working with natural dyes is experimental and based on the outcome of unpredictable magic, but there are still foundations to build from - and you'll learn about mordants, ph, colour-shifters, caring for your fabric, and best practice for dyeing. 

There are many ways to extract colour - some plants best like hot dye, while others give better results through cold or solar dyeing. I'll show you the different ways to extract colour, and guide you on the plants that I've used. You can go into the world and explore your own landscape with the knowledge I'll share. 

While this course is predominantly about gathering colour from your landscape, in the form of fresh flowers leaves or bark, I'll also talk about dyeing with powders and purchased dyes - sometimes we simply don't have the colours in our region. 

As well as how to extract colour, you'll learn what Shibori is, how to make patterns onto cloth and yarn, and how to create direct prints from nature - often called eco-printing

The art & magic of natural & botanical dyeing

Colour from your landscape

This beautiful immerse craft will quite possibly change your life

  • From very beginner

    No experienced needed as this course takes you from very beginner right up through to guiding you to create from your own landscape, garden and imagination

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    Lifetime access to all my courses - watch as many times as you want, at any time of the day or night, from your very own device or desktop computer

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Course curriculum

  • 02

    Introduction & before you begin

    • Tools, materials & resources

    • Natural Dye Booklet - beginner notes

    • Natural Dye Booklet High Summer

    • Making botanical inks Booklet

    • Natural dye for raffia

  • 03

    Solar Dyeing

    • Solar Dyeing - onion skins

    • Onion skins Bundle Dye Video 2

    • OnionSkin Solar Dye Video 3

  • 04

    Eucalyptus Dye

    • Eucalyptus Dye Video 1

    • Eucalyptus Dye Video 2

  • 05

    Pinks & reds

    • Avocado dye

    • Loquat leaves - earthy pinks

  • 06

    Indigo Vat

    • Indigo - oxidising the powder

    • Indigo Video 2

    • Indigo Video 3

    • Indigo video 4

    • Indigo Video 5

    • Indigo info sheet

  • 07


    • Shibori Video 1

    • Shibori Video2

    • Shibori using Pegs Video 1

    • Shibori using Pegs Video 2

    • Shibori using Pegs Video 3

    • Shibori using Pegs Video 4

    • Itajami Shibori illustrations (folded Shibori)

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