The art & craft of Loom Weaving

Weave your own story

Learn the beautiful, ancient craft of loom weaving & create your own woven artworks. We'll talk about the art of weaving, as well as the how-to techniques of the craft. Make wallhangings, cushions, tote bags and more.

Learn the fundamentals of loom weaving

From very beginner - how to warp up a loom, weaving using different stitches & techniques, right through to using weaving as your art form.

Take this ancient practice & make it your own

We'll play with different yarns, threads, materials & techniques to take weaving to a new level.

from beginner basics to advanced techniques

This course takes you from the very basics of loom weaving right up through how to find your own artistic voice at the weaving loom. You'll learn all the stitches that you'll need, how to warp up your loom and take the final weaving off the loom ready for display.

The hands on videos will show you step-by-step how to create each weaving stitch and guide you on making your own woven piece. Once you've mastered the stitches, we'll delve into other projects to make including a cushion, purse, wall hanging and art piece.

We'll talk about yarns, threads and other options for upcycling what you already have at home - conversations on natural fibres and sustainable craft practice.

You'll learn different ways to create shapes - graphic, symmetrical, organic and circles. 

This is more than just your usual 'how to weave' - this course will guide you in a new way of working, thinking and approaching your creative practice.

No need for an 'advanced' course, as this workshop shows you all. If there's anything you want or need to know more, just ask me and I'll add it to my 'to film' list, to include in future updates of this course

Art & Craft of Loom Weaving

From beginner through to advanced, you'll get lifetime access to all my weaving videos

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    Let's Weave

You ready for Weaver Fever!

This beautiful immerse craft will quite possibly change your life

  • Beginner - Advanced

    No experienced needed as this course takes you from very beginner right up to hanging your weaving on the wall

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    Contact me any time to ask more questions, or show off your work. If there's something you've seen me share on my website or socials, I'm happy to film it and show you. Just ask

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Weave Fundamentals

    • Loom Weaving Video 1

    • Loom Weaving Video 2

    • Loom Weaving Video 3

    • Loom Weaving Video 4

    • Loom Weaving Video 5

    • Loom Weaving Video 6

    • Loom Weaving video 7

    • Loom Weaving Video 8

  • 02


    • Loom Weave Soumak Video 1

    • Loom Weaving Soumak video 2

    • Loom Weaving Soumak Video 3

  • 03

    Weaving Shapes

    • Loom Weaving Making Circles

    • Shapes & Visual Voice (my version)

  • 04

    Weaving a cushion

    • Weaving Cushion Video 1

    • Weaving Cushion video 2

    • Weaving Cushion video 3