Create, Make & Slow

with traditional crafts taught a mindful modern way,

think natural & botanical dye, loom weaving, hand stitching & improv quilting, basket weaving, crochet & more...

I help creatives (that's you) slow down, tap into your inner whisper & create something beautiful

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create slow

What will you make today?

Experience the heart-ful joy of making something special & meaningful with your hands

  • Your own creative self

    Learn to cut through the noise & hear your own internal creative voice. My creative courses are a guide to listening to your inner whisper...

  • Traditional crafts

    shared in a modern, down-to-Earth way. Learn with step-by-step videos and tutorials, filmed as if you're right there beside me

  • Slow mindful moments

    Discover a new way to add intentional mindful moments to your days, with simple yet practical conversations

  • tutorials & how-tos

    Monthly projects to keep you inspired and create beautiful slow, sustainable moments in your life.

  • sustainable & simple living

    Ideas, tips & recipes for working towards a more sustainable way of living - in your craft practice, your daily life & your creative business

  • connect with community

    find people who appreciate, enjoy & notice the beautiful small details of life that you do. Share your daily challenges & know we're all in this together

Create Connect Inspire

  • Traditional crafts

    Learn how to create something beautiful using traditional skills and crafts such as basket weaving, loom weaving, natural & botanical dye, hand stitching & mending.

  • Slow Simple Sustainable

    My courses, and teaching style, is about showing you how to slow down in your everyday busy life, how to simplify your days & make in a sustainable manner.

  • Inspired by nature

    My courses are filmed in such a way that you can't help but look about you in a new way, see your environment & world with fresh eyes. And appreciate nature while crafting & creating something special & beautiful.

About Ellie

textile artist, author & creative teacher

Hi! I'm a maker on a journey of learning, exploring and discovering. Mostly I'm guided by my curiosity and follow along the beautiful journey of simply creating. 

My craft and art is a process of slowing down, reconnecting with self, and using the techniques of making to bring mindfulness to my days. 

I wrote a book about it called 'Mindful Thoughts for Makers'. And I teach workshops, and these online courses, as a way to reinvigorate traditional crafts in this noisy busy world. 

As a reminder to breathe, sip our tea and slow down a little. And make something special too.

Lovely words from my students

“Ellie has a very lovely calm, serene and encouraging teaching style. A very generous teacher in the knowledge she is giving, for a very very reasonable cost. This course is changing the way I think about carving out time for creative crafts and allowing me to explore them in a more slow, mindful and sustainable way. Thanks Ellie! X”


“During this course a complete shift has happened for me. I have a deep gratitude for Ellie’s wealth of knowledge, her meaningful and thought provoking conversations, and her willingness to grant us access to a bit of her heart.”


“Ellie this course has ignited my creative energy like I haven’t felt it before! With your prompts and thoughts I was able to access my own inner reserve of creativity, one I haven’t felt for a while! I love that I was easily able to unfurl whilst being a mumma and working a day job. Thank you so much what you done for both myself and my family it is something we will all cherish for a long time to come!!! xx ”



  • How do I view your courses?

    All my courses are housed on this site, my teaching school, Thinkific. You just need an internet connection and device to watch the videos. You can watch the courses on your desktop or device - and the website is formatted for different sized screens. I live in the 'country' and have quite slow internet and it works perfectly for me.

  • How long do I have to watch your courses?

    Forever is a long time, but that's what I'm giving you. You have lifetime access to all my courses, basically as long as the internet exists you can keep viewing all my videos. Also - when I add extra content to my courses, you automatically get that too!

  • What if I don't like your teaching style ?

    I suggest, if you're not familiar with my style of teaching, to watch my free online course first - Slow Stitching. You can hear my voice and watch the way that I film my videos. This will give you an idea of what my courses are like. There is no background music, 'perfect' editing, or any of those tricky image overlay-things. My videos are filmed in a natural way, as if you're sitting beside me in my studio.

  • What if I don't like the course?

    My main hope is that you'll love my courses. I share what I know in a warm, open way - giving as much as I can for each course. If for some reason you don't love it, please send me a message and we can chat about it. I don't usually give refunds due to the digital products being something you can't really 'give back', but I'm happy to discuss with you. {In over 4 years of sharing these courses I've had one person want a refund - just to let you know how much people do love my courses.}

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay via PayPal or Stripe - which connects directly to your credit card, just like any other online payment system it's completely encrypted so I can't see, view or access your card details.

  • What currency are your courses in?

    I list all my courses in Australian dollars $AU, as that is where I live and what currency I work in. You can use an online converter to check in your currency, but do keep in mind that all sites slightly differ in their conversion rates. I use